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I Believe In Me Inc

At IBM we believe education is key to empowering and securing our youth


On December 22nd, the youth of I Believe In Me were blessed with Christmas presents from the Angel-Lilly Foundation.  Thanks to Hasheem and Liza Alexander (and the Alexander children), our youth were able to be blessed with gifts from their wishlist while also reminding them that through God, anything is possible.  I Believe In Me would love to thank the Alexander family for their contribution to the Santa's Little Helpers event.  We are thankful for your partnership and the commitment and love to our Frederick youth. 


On Saturday, September 15th 2018, the youth of I Believe In Me dressed up in red tuxedos and took their mother's on a limo ride for a night out.  Teaching the youth to show their mothers appreciation and love for all they do is one important goal to the IBM team.  All of the mothers were beautiful and have a wonderful time.  Looking forward to next years event already!!