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 I Believe 

        In Me Inc

At IBM we believe education is the key to empowering and securing our youth's futures. 

At IBM we believe education is the key to empowering and securing our youth's futures. 



Youth Development and Empowerment through Mentorship

Investing in the youth of today impacts the future of our community!

We are currently seeking Hope Dealers within the community who are willing and able to invest in our youth and their futures.  If that is YOU, click the DONATE button below to pay via card.  Check donations can be written out to: 

I Believe In Me and mailed to PO BOX 4255; Frederick, MD 21705.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

Angel-Lilly Foundation....THANK YOU!

On December 22nd, the youth of I Believe In Me were blessed with Christmas presents from the Angel-Lilly Foundation.  Thanks to Hasheem and Liza Alexander, our youth were able to be blessed with gifts from their wishlist while also reminding them that through God, anything is possible.  I Believe In Me would love to thank the Alexander family for their contribution to the Santa's Little Helpers event.  We are thankful for your partnership and the committment and love to our Frederick youth. 

AJE HILL: Executive Director 

Listen to Aje's story to understand the reasoning behind the development of I Believe In Me Inc.  Aje also shares his passion and drive as he discusses IBM programs, interventions, and future vision.  

I Believe In Me SHIRTS are now AVAILABLE!!

Join the I Believe In Me  movement!  

Red, Black, White, and Blue are available.

Sm-XL=   $12 each

XXL:      $15 each

Sweatshirts Now Available (Black and Red) $40 each

   Contact us to get yours today!


Our next events:

Fish Fry

Summer Kickoff Brunch

4th Annual IBM Classic-Basketball Tournament

To inspire and challenge youth through physical, mental, and social activities that foster self-respect and respect for the world around them.